Infant Daycare In Canton and Waterford

Infant Daycare In Canton and Waterford

When it comes to infant daycare, one of the best in the state of Michigan is Paradigm Care and Enrichment Center. Paradigm is one of the most sought after daycares today. With great locations in Canton and Waterford, you can choose the one that best fits your needs.

Infant Daycare Program

At Paradigm, they strive to provide a comfortable and recognizable environment for your infant. Each day your infant is greeted by the same familiar staff to help calm them and become familiar. In addition, the staff is set at a 4:1 ratio. Unlike other daycares, they keep the staff limited to smaller groups of kids to help provide the attention they need.

Also, Paradigm is very open to nursing moms, you can stop by the facility at any time to breastfeed in the Infant Room.  In addition, they tend to your schedule of feedings or if you desire you can let them feed the baby when hungry, you have complete control.

Why Choose Paradigm?

Paradigm Care & Enrichment staff has been providing daycare services for local families from all over. Their skilled staff always tends to your child’s needs and makes sure they have a comfortable learning environment. Of course, infants are not the only age of the children they take care of.

Paradigm provides daycare services for kids from infants to school-aged children. They stress the importance of learning and provide a safe learning environment for all their kids. If you would like to enroll your child at Paradigm, you can register here. Also, you can give them a call at 248-363-9800 for Waterford or 734-354-9600.

You can schedule a visit to see the facilities or ask any questions you may have. Finally, when it comes to your infant, you just want what is best for them. You can rest assured that Paradigm Care & Enrichment Center is always providing the very best for your child!