Happy Halloween 2012

Are you ready for a thrilling exposure? Halloween is creeping around the corner faster than ever and the heart racing feeling is returning. What better way to have fun on the holiday than to go to a haunted house? This year’s Halloween is on Wednesday, October 31st, 2012.

Looking for a cool place to go? Check out our website. We have numerous locations for haunted houses. Choose the one that’s right for you! Being safe is the number one priority for Halloween and knowing some safety tips are very helpful. Did you know that pumpkins are 90 percent water? Learn some pumpkin facts today!!

A place that will leave you scared straight is the Tunnel of Terror. This voyage is very frightening.  As you walk through the endless pitch of black corridors, mayhem and madness will be lurking around every corner. The Tunnel of Terror has pushed the limits of your psyche and put your phobias to the ultimate test through their maze of darkness and horror.

Ticket prices are $15 per person but if you check out their link http://rochesterareajaycees.org/tunnelofterror/ there is a $5 off coupon for admission. The event will be every Friday and Saturday during this month of October. This experience will find you wanting more!