Planning to Move this Spring?

Spring is usually the biggest season of home-buying and as the weather breaks its the busiest time to move. Around this time, people tend to want to start fresh or even start a clean slate in new state! The weather is also generally nice, not to cold and not too hot.

Considering¬† a move in-state or even out of state can be a hard decision in itself, alone having to worry about the logistics of moving. Men on the Move has decades of experience and will be very helpful during what is most definitely a hectic time. Of course everyone wants to save money on moving, or saving time might be your main concern.¬† Either way; if you’re trying to conserve cash as well as get professional help, Men on the Move with several locations in Southeast Michigan is the company to use.

Get a free online quote or check out their website for more information at and tell them MetroMalls sent you!