Rough 2 Ready

Rough 2 Ready

Here at Metro Malls we would like to take the time to introduce our newest member Rough 2 Ready. Rough 2 Ready is the best place in Michigan for professional cleaning and restoration services. In late Spring and early Summer we can experience some horrible thunder storms here in Michigan, and they may cause damage or flooding to your home. Rough 2 Ready can help you cope with the clean up from these horrible storms.

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Free Link with Facebook Like

What’s New?

Local Detroit area businesses get to Add their store for Free with location, map and phone number in our local Detroit / Southeastern Michigan business directory. This is not new, but what’s new is that they can also get a very valuable link to their website now for free too! If they have a FaceBook account all they need to do is include the URL for their web site and LIKE us on FaceBook.

Please go to our home page and LIKE us now!

Internet savvy business owners and managers understand how valuable in-bound or “backlinks” as they are ofter referred to, are in Search Engine Promotion. A relevant link from a website like which is over a decade old get a significant amounts of traffic and directly relate to their business or store. This will be heavily weighted by search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. If your business doesn’t have a FaceBook account you can purchase a link, or you can get a free FaceBook account and “Like” us!

Of course even more powerful and better a much better representation for a business is the Featured Store Listing, which gives you multiple directory placements, featured front page advertisement and multiple section banners.

What’s New?

Featured Store Full Web Page Ads

Shopping in Metro Detroit? Looking for online coupons or special offers? Some of our Merchants now have Full Page Advertisements showing their goods and services and in many cases offer printable online coupons that you can use over and over. Save on Food, Books, Jewelry, Moving, Consignment, Pool supplies, Catering and much more. Each advertisement also links to the Merchant’s website so you know who you are shopping with and where to find them locally in Metro Detroit and Southeastern Michigan.

Detroit Social websites

We’ve added social website connection to to post about new stores, new products, services and anything else concerning local shopping in Michigan / Metro Detroit. There are icons on the mall or from here visit our FaceBook Fan page or Shop Detroit Twitter. Connect with us or one of our many local Merchants!

Social Media For Metro Malls Merchants

For business owners, what does Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and Linked In mean to you?  To some, these just may be a website your son or daughter go on and waste time with, or you have an account your self, but do not really use. Being a business owner, there is a ton of potential to drive business to your own website or business. With proper promotion and postings on these sites, you will be able to tap thousands of potential clients.

VR Metro is partner. They can help you establish a social network of your own by building your social pages and train you on how to ad content that will help promote your business. The web is like a giant spider web and the more links and branches you have linking to your own site it helps build your web presence. Along with social media for merchants, MetroMalls itself has thousands of visitors a month to the site and listing in our site as well, will help drive traffic to your website.

Facebook, for example has millions of users, and with the proper Facebook page with quality content and links from there could drive major traffic to your site. Along with a Facebook page, VR Metro can build a custom welcome page for your Facebook page. This page would set you apart from the standard Facebook page.

Twitter is another powerful tool to use when promoting your site. VR Metro can help you build a custom design home profile on Twitter to help you socially promote your business and stand out from the crowd.  LinkedIn is a great business to business website. A powerful tool that LinkedIn features are groups. They help merchants contact potential clients or business partners.

If you are interested in social media and expanding the audience to your website and business, give VR Metro a call today at 800.473.5530. Detroit Metro Malls will help you with a Internet advertising through a Featured Store Listing, then let VR Metro help you take the next step in website promotion.