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A Whole Lot!
If you’ve been here before, then you will certainly notice all the changes. From the beginning MetroMalls.com has been about local content in the Metropolitan Detroit Area. The emphasis has been on local businesses in and around Southeastern Michigan. Well… that hasn’t really changed. Our mall stores are now called “Featured Stores.” These businesses are large and small and they all have links to web sites that give great information on the owner’s business, products and services. You can see a sample in the box below. Every section of the mall has featured stores that relate to that section, or you can click on a link to “show them all.” Hover over the link and many of the stores will have descriptions that you can read before you click to follow the link. That is new!

Malls Are About Shopping
Since the beginning nearly 10 years ago it has been our intent to make MetroMalls.com like a real world mall, but in virtual space. Our new design brings us a huge step closer to that. In addition to finding local businesses, you will actually be able to shop directly through the mall for products that they offer! Our new centralized shopping system powered by MetroShops.com, will let you shop and buy products, gift cards and services from any number of stores using a single shopping cart and you only have to check out once. Shopping and your personal information are securely transmitted and you can choose to only shop locally if you wish. In many cases you can choose to pickup and return items at a merchant’s physical place of business.

MetroShops.com has not been officially launched yet, but you can buy now from our new FREE SHIPPING web site, ClickShopSave.com. This web site has many merchants that operate legitimate businesses and sell their products nationwide. Click.Shop.Save.™ features our “shop many, checkout once” centralized shopping system, free shipping and price controls that make sure the merchants are not charging more on ClickShopSave.com then they are on their own web sites. Visit “tell me more” about Click.Shop.Save.™ to learn about “simple shopping.”

Click.Shop.Save. specializes in Bulk Items, Closeouts and Overstock products for sale!

You will see Click Shop Save items in every section of Metro Malls right now, and we hope that you will take a few moments to look at all the merchants and their products.

National Advertisers
You will notice the not so local “National Advertisers” ads that are typically in the right columns. They are clearly marked and their ads are designed to match the sections they show up in. When you click on these you go to their web site and at that point are dealing independently with them. All of them are legitimate companies managing advertising campaigns through a large advertisement firm. If you think they have what you are looking for please click on the ad. Although we are not responsible for what they advertise or sell, if you find that they misrepresent themselves please drop us a note, we are deeply concerned that only good businesses are linked from the mall.

Coming VERY Soon!
In the very near future our business directory listing will expand from hundreds of businesses to thousands for your convenience. Our featured mall stores will be listed separately at the top, but you can easily search for any number of businesses in our local area. Other features like; shopping blogs and social networking will be added to enhance the interactivity.

Look for more Metro Areas to be added as well. Different areas of the country feature different products, services and ideas. It will be of interest to see what differences and deals each area comes up with. We hope you like the new format and of course we would appreciate any feedback that you can give us.

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