Metro Detroit Holiday Shopping, Visits With Santa and Holiday Family Events

As it has for many years, the tradition of children visiting with Santa in the days and weeks leading up to Christmas continues in the Detroit area of southeast Michigan. Officially the Christmas holiday season begins on Thanksgiving Day in metro Detroit with the arrival of Santa in the annual Thanksgiving Day Parade in downtown Detroit when the Detroit Parade Company hosts its yearly event attended live by thousands of people from all around the southeast Michigan area, along with others that may come from all across the state. Additionally, the parade is televised and watched and enjoyed by many other thousands of people, locally and nationally since the Detroit parade is considered by many to the premiere kickoff to the holiday season.

After Thanksgiving and continuing right up till Christmas eve, parents from all around will then begin to take their children to visit with Santa at one of the major shopping malls that dot the Detroit area. We have noticed however, that many of the major shopping malls have begun to host Santa earlier each year over the past few years in an effort to help extend the holiday shopping season which for many retailers can be the deciding factor of whether they have a profitable year or not.

There are also numerous other holiday events in and around the area with the Wayne County Lightfest being one of the most popular and gaining in popularity is the sights, sound and fun of Campus Martius in Downtown Detroit.

There are many other holiday events in metro Detroit during the holiday season too numerous for us to mention here, however, if you would like more information on things to do during the Christmas season or year round in Detroit and southeast Michigan, you may want to check the listing featured in the Detroit Free Press.

If you're looking for a place to visit with Santa, you may wish to check out the following shopping malls in southeast Michigan and the Detroit metro area. We are not aware of any special holiday events or whether each mall will host visits with Santa and suggest that you contact the mall of your choice prior to visiting any shopping mall listed.

santa claus

If you would rather do your holiday shopping online, visit the stores featured in our online Michigan shopping mall where you will find a variety of local merchants offering all of the services and products you need to satisfy the gift wishes of everyone on your holiday shopping list. If you need to purchase larger quantities of bulk items, closeout items or overstock items, be sure to check out where you will find a great selection of shopping items from many different retailers and you will also enjoy the benefits of a single shopping checkout with free shipping on everything you buy.

To help keep your holiday shopping trips to the mall safe and secure, we have assembled some holiday shopping safety tips so you can have a pleasant holiday season.

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